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 Product Detail - Chrisanne Robertson- Journal- Milwaukee Art Museum

Chrisanne Robertson Journal | Milwaukee Art Museum Store
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This lined journal is based on a beautiful art piece by local artist Chrisanne Robertson. Robertson began exhibiting widely as an undergraduate in Wisconsin and has earned many City commissions since then in addition to State commissions from both Wisconsin and Florida. Her work is currently exhibited in several Mid-west galleries. She is well-known for her cityscapes which have been transformed into a diversity of gifts and keepsakes, culminating in this charming depiction of the Milwaukee skyline prominently featuring city's cultural jewel: the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Chrisanne describes her inspiration: As a child in blissed-out Cali, I spent Sundays knee-deep in tidal pools, at the Ocean shore, the avid student of my naturalist, globe-trotting parents. My art celebrates madcap & quirky little details, brilliant color, light on objects. My watercolor wash is met with crisp, minute pen strokes using the precision of a fine radiograph pen- Zany, joy-filled, I capture my travels around the globe armed with my backpack watercolor kit, capturing light on water, stone, leaf, skin, cloud- a childlike spirit infuses my subjects, yet my pen shows off an irrepressible sophisticate.

Measures 7 x 10".

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