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 Product Detail - City of Gold and Mud: Painting Victorian London

The City of Gold and Mud: Painting Victorian London | The Milwaukee Art Museum Store
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By Nancy Rose Marshall

In The City of Gold and Mud author Nancy Rose Marshall gives and in-depth view of London's artists, as they grappled with their city's many challenges and changes as it rose to be the quintessential modern metropolis of the 19th century. From the 1850s to 1900, London underwent vast changes, resulting in rapid urbanization, a dramatic increase in population, and the creation of dramatic contrasts between the “gold” of its wealth and splendor and the “mud” of its squalor and poverty. Artists sought to make sense of this novel and exciting, but often bewildering, environment in images not only of the pageantry, parks, and rituals of the city but also of its newly visible street types: minstrels and chimney sweeps, street urchins, shoe-black boys, and flower girls. Nancy Rose Marshall draws on artists] writings, arts criticism, popular poetry, news reports, cartoons, tourist guides, religious tracts, and more to paint a vivid and multifaceted picture of London during this critical time in its economic and artistic development.

Hardcover, 320 pages.

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