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 Product Detail - Layton's Legacy An Historic American Art Collection

Layton's Legacy An Historic American Art Collection | Milwaukee Art Museum
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By John C. Eastberg and Eric Vogel.

Before Carnegie, Frick, Whitney and Guggenheim, there was Frederick Layton. This is the story of how he created a new art museum experience in America.

Layton's Legacy tells the story of the influence of a collector, spanning from 1888 to today. Frederick Layton was among the very first art collectors in America to fund a purpose-built civic art gallery for the public's use and enjoyment, but his influence far outlasted even the public space he created. John C. Eastberg traces the trajectory of the collection's development from its English origins through its grand European acquisitions, Gilded Age art auctions in New York, Progressive-era renovations, postwar deaccessions, and demolition of the original gallery, all leading to a new ear of curatorial innovation and major American art acquisitions at the end of the twentieth century.

Hardcover, 440 pages.

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