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 Product Detail - Cissie Peltz Notecard Set

Milwaukee Art Museum Store | Cissie Peltz Notecard Set
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This set of 12 notecards features the work of Cissie Peltz. Widely recognized as the "grande dame of the Milwaukee art community," Cissie Peltz was a pioneer in many aspects of her life. Born in Chicago in 1927, Sophia Jean Peltz was an artist at an early age, crafting cartoons with her unique style and wit. As a cartoonist, she broke into a field dominated by men in the early 1950s under the pen name "Cissie." In the summer of 1989, she opened the Peltz Gallery in a purple Victorian house on Milwaukee's east side. Peltz actively supported female and minority artists and annually presented the "Remarkable Women" show, the first of its kind in Milwaukee. She was also actively engaged with the Milwaukee Art Museum as a member of the Museum's Print Forum support group.

Notecard set includes 2 sets of 6 images.

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