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 Product Detail - Reginald Baylor Milwaukee Art Museum Collector's Edition Coloring Book

Reginald Baylor Collector's Edition Coloring Book | Milwaukee Art Museum Store
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Signed by the artist!

Visit the Museum's blog for an exclusive interview with the artist about the Collector's Edition Coloring Book!

The Milwaukee Art Museum is thrilled to partner with Reginald Baylor Studio in creating this all-ages Collector's Edition Coloring Book celebrating works in the Museum's Collection. Baylor's original drawings bring the local artist's unique perspective to favorite artworks and offer new ways to engage with art. The book is an artistic collaboration—in which anyone who colors can take part! The high quality paper is nearly impermeable to markers and paints, so choose your own medium to color in. Each Collector's Edition Coloring Book is signed and numbered and is its own work of art.

Baylor's color schemes are intense, complex and intuitive, yet controlled. His energetic and graphic style of painting draws inspiration from his immediate surroundings in Milwaukee and pop culture at large. His original work On Duty, Not Driving, 2010 is on view in the Museum's Permanent Collection.

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