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 Product Detail - Classic Dream Car

Classic Dream Car | Milwaukee Art Museum Store
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Take creativity into your own hands with Dream Cars. Beech wheels affixed to walnut bases, are finished with iconic body styles coated with chalkboard paint that magnetically secure to the body when needed. Complete with colored chalk, you can customize the bodywork of the car to your hearts content and simply wipe clean to start again. Simple, elegant and imaginative these toys are long-lasting in design and quality.

Classic Dream Car set comes with one base, two car bodies and chalk case with dustless, non-toxic chalk and eraser.

Car measures: 14 x 10 x 8 cm. Materials: Walnut, Beech and Poplar Wood

In direct opposition of a children's toy market filled with brightly colored, cheap and disposable product is the simple, timeless and quality design of Huzi. These understated products are the result of a fine balance between calm and action, classic and modern, creativity and productivity. To be enjoyed today and treasured tomorrow, they are here to stay. 

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