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 Product Detail - Mirror Mirror The Book

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Signed by Illustrator Nicholla Raube and Artistic Director Michael Pink

Milwaukee Ballet celebrates the 2017 production of Michael Pink's original work Mirror Mirror, with this limited-edition book lavishly illustrated with specially-commissioned paintings by British-born Milwaukee artist Nicholla Raube.

Reimagining the classic fairy tale Snow White as a provocative ballet with a stylish contemporary look, Pink and Milwaukee Ballet plunge audiences into a world of temptation, seduction, and betrayal. A demonic mirror instigates a battle between good and evil and innocence and corruption, and ultimately exposes the pitfalls of vanity in the face of selflessness and humility.

Raube's hand-painted images are drenched in colors that reflect the costumes of the story's central rivals-white and gold, black and silver-and feature phrases that encapsulate the ballet's central themes. In this way, she offers a striking visual interpretation of Mirror Mirror's essence, as well as a rich new take on the ballet itself. 


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