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 Product Detail - Conversations With The Dead: Photographs of Prison Life

Conversations With The Dead | Milwaukee Art Museum
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By Danny Lyon.

In 1967, the photographer Danny Lyon turned his camera toward in American prisons. This book reflects, in B&W photographs, fourteen months he spent looking and listening inside six Texas penitentiaries. In the course of his unprecedented journey through the Texas prison system, he met Bill McCune. At 42, he and already served 18 years of a life sentence. He is a monument to the human spirit: A survivor of wretchedness unbounded; a victor over despair so great that he castrated himself. McCune's paintings and writings reveal a compassionate consciousness which confounds 'justice' which brands him 'criminal'. As photojournalism, this volume, stands beside such books as James Agee's and Walker Evans' Let Un Now Praise Famous Men and Erskine Caldwell's and Margaret Bourke-White's You Have Seen Theri Faces.

Paperback, 194 pages.

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