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 Product Detail - Gilded Mansions: Grand Architecture and High Society

Gilded Mansions: Grand Architecture and High Society | Milwaukee Art Museum
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By Wayne Craven.

The Gilded Age (1865–1918) saw the sudden rise of America's first High Society, including such prominent families as the Astors, Whitneys, and Vanderbilts. As an aristocracy based on fortunes recently acquired, these families endeavored to live like Europe's blue-blooded nobility, shedding Puritan restraint as they joyously flaunted their new wealth?especially where their homes were concerned. 

They erected French chateaus and Italian palazzos on New York's Fifth Avenue, at Newport, and elsewhere, often taking inspiration from Parisian styles of the Second Empire. They rejected more modest American styles just as they rejected middle-class society, and for interior decoration they turned to such artisans as Tiffany, Herter Brothers, and Allard's of Paris.

Hardcover, 352 pages.

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