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 Product Detail - Color Cube 3D Puzzle

Color Cube | Milwaukee Art Museum
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The COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle is a high-end, precision manufactured model - featuring machine-milled parts (specific to .001"), the clean finish of high-impact color-injected polystyrene plastic cubes and glass-reinforced nylon rods. Once complete, the COLORCUBE is a 9" multi-function toy. Here are some of its many applications:

3D Puzzle - Fun to put together and quite a challenge because not many people know that color exists in three dimensions. Can you figure out the CORRECT "order of color"?

Construction Toy - Sort the 176 pieces, put them in order and then carefully construct the matrix of color that will dazzle your eyes and spark your imagination. This ain't the typical jigsaw; there's WAY more motor skill, finger dexterity and intellect involved!

Design/Decor Piece - Looks great anywhere, goes with every background. A simple, colorful model; a hanging mobile; a conversation piece to UNITE the artist and scientist in each of us.

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