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 Product Detail - The Little Mermaid and the Tourist Poster

The Little Mermaid and the Tourist Poster | Milwaukee Art Museum
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In 1963, when the sculpture of The Little Mermaid, situated in the harbor of Copenhagen, was about to celebrate her 50th anniversary, The Tourist Association of Copenhagen (Wonderful Copenhagen) chose Ib Antoni as the designer of the official jubilee-poster.

On purpose, Ib Antoni has drawn The Little Mermaid very large in comparison to the smiling tourist, maybe to emphasize how big she is in the eyes of the visiting tourists.

The posters are made in Denmark and are printed on Swedish quality paper (200 grams), from sustainable forestry. The paper has the same nuance as the original prints by Ib Antoni and we print in lightfast colors. In the reproduction of the original prints that contain pantone gold, we have once again printed an extra layer of pantone gold, giving the posters a beautiful and charming shimmer. Poster measures approximately 19" x 28". 

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